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Bad breath is a problem experienced by most of the people and considered as a nightmare. Although this problem is tried to be eliminated temporarily with some personal methods, it is not possible to solve this problem radically unless the main source of the problem is identified and treated.

What is the Source of Bad Breath?

The source of the odor is divided into three groups:

  1. Bad Breath that originate from the mouth.
  2. Bad Breath from the breath and respiratory tract.
  3. Bad Breath from the digestive system.

The source of bad breath coming from the mouth is mostly the problems in the mouth. Xerostomia, long-term hunger, diseases in the mouth, inflammations and bacteria accumulated on the tongue are the main sources of this problem. Untreated caries, food residues stuck in the teeth, faulty dentures, gingiva diseases and lack of necessary oral care can be counted among the causes of odor.

Odors originating from the breath and respiratory tract are approximately 10% of all mouth odors. This may occur as a precursor to some serious diseases or as a result of them. Diabetes is one of the first to come to mind among these diseases. Factors such as chronic infections in the respiratory tract and tonsil stones can also cause bad breath.

The odors coming from the digestive system are very few and mostly occur when gas is missed from the stomach.

Treatment of Halitosis

For treatment, the source of the odor must be determined and eliminated correctly. Special devices are used to determine the level of bad breath. In oral odors, the treatment is applied specific to the person and their needs. It mostly consists of removing food stuck in the mouth, cleaning the inflammations & caries, and reducing the number of bacteria in the mouth with oral care methods. While these treatments are carried out in our dental clinic, on the other hand, oral care education and practices ensure the complete elimination of odor.

What needs to be done for continuous oral care?

Just using a toothbrush is not enough for oral care. To get rid of bacteria, odor and other diseases dental floss, under-bridge floss and tongue scraper should be used. The use of antibacterial mouthwashes is also helpful when necessary.