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Transparent Aparey

Transparent Aparey

Don’t want to use metal braces and are looking for an alternative?


TRANSPARENT APAREY treatment is an aesthetic orthodontic solution that will quickly bring your teeth into the ideal position that they should be. With this treatment method, crooked dental problems can be prevented without the need for metal braces.



It is a more painless and comfortable orthodontic treatment method compared to metal braces. During the day, you will even forget that you have transparent appliances in your mouth.


Transparent appliances are healthy and specially produced. It is clean. It does not adversely affect your dental health. You will be in perfect harmony with your appliances in your work, home, city life and daily activities.


Transparent appliances are produced from the most advanced materials using the latest 3D printer and 3D scanner technologies.


Transparent appliances are very easy to use. If you wish you have a chance to not use it on your special days and nights by consulting your doctor. You will be one step closer to your happy and healthy life with each row of transparent appliances


Transparent appliances are the most aesthetic and transparent solution that will provide you a smile that you want in modern orthodontics. Even your closest friends will not realize that your teeth are under orthodontic treatment.


  1. Examination: It is checked whether your oral and dental health is suitable for transparent apparey with the examination of dentist.
  2. Measurement: If your oral and dental health is suitable for appliance treatment, your doctor will start by taking your mouth measurements.
  3. Analysis: You can examine the personalized 3D treatment plan that prepared according to your mouth measurements, in 3D with your dentist.
  4. Production: With the approval of the analysis, each individually designed appliance is produced with 3D printers and delivered to your dentist.

Enjoy the ease of use!

Transparent Appliance is an invisible orthodontic treatment method that will help you achieve your ideal smile. With your dentist, you can adjust the treatment plan completely according to you. Since you can put on and take off your transparent appliances whenever you want, your dentist and you will be in full control. If you want your orthodontic treatment to be unnoticed by others, get acquainted with transparent appliances immediately.

How long does the Invisible Aligners treatment take?

As with all other orthodontic treatments, the duration of invisible aligner treatment may vary depending on the degree of disorder to be treated. The important thing in this treatment is that the patient should use their plaques for the specified time during the day. If the patient complies with the treatment, it may take a shorter time than other orthodontic treatment methods.

In the world of medicine and dentistry, there is not a single example of this treatment that has resulted as a cancer.

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